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Haven MRO is a dedicated team of aviation enthusiasts specializing in business jet and turbo-prop maintenance. We have expertise in but not limited to Citations/CJ’s, Learjets, Hawkers, Beechjets, all King Air types and meridians.

With extensive experience on a variety of aircraft makes & models we provide top-tier quality, value, and safety for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events. Our team is comprised of individuals with multiple decades of experience and training to support your aircraft and ensure that your aircraft receives expert care.

As aircraft owners, pilots, and operators ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a holistic approach to keep your aircraft airborne, preserve asset value, and ensure operational safety.

At Haven MRO, we prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and transparency. This partnership approach informs our maintenance recommendations and repairs, ensuring that they benefit your operations over the long term. We take pride in our team’s expertise and the quality of our services, and we are committed to earning your business and welcoming you into the Haven MRO family of clients.

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Havens’ mission is to maximize safety, time and money for our aviation clients by leveraging our worldclass aviation ecosystem.


Havens’ vision is to be the pinnacle provider of customer-focused, vertically integrated aviation solutions.

Corporate Jet Maintenance

Our team has expertise in corporate jet maintenance, including Cessna  Citations/CJ’s, Mustangs, Learjets, Hawkers, Premiers and Beechjets. We have extensive experience in handling scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks for these aircraft types.

Our services encompass all scheduled maintenance items outlined in the aircraft maintenance manual, ensuring your aircraft remains in optimal condition. We understand the importance of preventing unscheduled maintenance disruptions and work proactively to identify and address potential issues during scheduled shop visits.

In the event of unscheduled maintenance needs, our team is equipped to efficiently diagnose and repair issues to minimize operational impact. Our capabilities include engine changes, air conditioning repair, landing gear repair, hydraulic systems repair, electrical troubleshooting and repair, tire and brake replacements, sheet metal repair, and various system corrections.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or unexpected repairs, Haven MRO is equipped to handle all your corporate jet maintenance needs. Additionally, we offer services for the installation of aftermarket STC requests to enhance your aircraft.

We can also provide any level of support needed to complete pre-purchase inspections, brokerage services, or full aircraft management and staffing. We are your comprehensive solution for maintaining, operating and managing your corporate aircraft fleet.

TURBOPROP Maintenance

Haven MRO is the home of The King Air Cowboys. Our team of Turboprop experts are passionate about your King Air, Meridian, Conquest, Merlin, Epic, or TBM maintenance. We are expert maintainers of the PT6 engine series and can provide any solution you may need on your PT6 powered aircraft.

We can provide all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance support on turboprop aircraft. We do many 6-year gear exchanges, engine hot sections, borescopes, phases, special inspection items and all other maintenance manual driven work every year. Air conditioning, electrical, hydraulic, and other systems troubleshooting will be done professionally, quickly, and accurately.

If you are tired of having out of sync power levers or mismatched engine parameters, we can get the engines rigged correctly and make for a more enjoyable flying experience. If you are in the market for after-market upgrades, we can get you handled with quick installation times and high-quality products. We can help with your BLR winglets, MT or Hartzell prop mods, Blackhawk upgrades, Raisbeck installations such as wing lockers or strakes.

Anything you need on your turboprop aircraft, just shoot us an email, or give us a call and we
will get you handled quickly and professionally

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